Sardines with bread salad


by: Baker Guy

Panzanella is a very old Tuscan tradition — a salad made with leftover bread, which would be unsalted, in the local style. It is a summer dish, which you would make when tomatoes and basil were good and plentiful. If you want to make it the day before you eat it, the flavors will have longer to infuse and it will taste even better. When you cook the sardines, it is very important to get your griddle pan really hot, otherwise the sardines will stick and you won't be able to turn them without breaking them up.


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serves: 4

12 large sardines

5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

For the panzanella:

7 ounces (about 7 slices 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 x 3/4", stale Tuscan bread or ciabatta, without crusts, torn up)

4 tablespoons white wine vinegar

3 tomatoes (on the vine)

1 large red onion (cut into 3/4-inch dice)

big bunch of basil

5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper

Nutrition Facts
Sardines with bread salad

Servings Per Recipe: 4

Amount per Serving

Calories: 603

  • Total Fat: 42.6 g
  •     Saturated Fat: 6 g
  •     Trans Fat: 0 g
  • Cholesterol: 85.2 mg
  • Sodium: 600.5 mg
  • Total Carbs: 32.5 g
  •     Dietary Fiber: 3.2 g
  •     Sugars: 4.6 g
  • Protein: 20.5 g

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1.  First, get at griddle pen smoking hot, otherwise the sardines won't release their fat and will stick to the pan.

2.  To make the panzanella; soak the bread in the vinegar. Take the tomatoes from the vine, dice and add to the bread.) together with the chopped onion. Tear the basil and add that too. Add the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Stir together and set aside.

3.  Scale and fillet the sardines.

4.  When all the sardines are prepared, season, brush with a little of the olive oil, and put in the hot griddle, 6 at a time. Let them get crusty on one side (about 3 minutes), then turn over and do the same on the other side ( about 2 minutes).

5.  While tho sardines are cooking, spoon some of the panzanella on each sowing plate, than put the sardines on top, drizzle with the romaining olive oil and serve.

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