Fresh Strawberry Lassi


by: Keli Paan

Lassi is a very popular yogurt based drink which is served chilled. It is a traditional drink from the Punjab region of India & Pakistan. Lassi can be sweet or salty. It is very popular during the summers. Healthy & very filling. In Punjab restaurants use washing machines to make lassi as the demand is so huge & they cannot use blenders for this. I had some ripe strawberry's which I had to use before they turned bad. So made this yummy drink with cold & thick yogurt. During the Mango season, Mango lassi is also very popular.


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serves: 2

10 medium-sized Strawberries -

2 cups Thick Yogurt -

Sugar (optional) - if strawberries are not sweet, add as per your taste

Nutrition Facts
Fresh Strawberry Lassi

Servings Per Recipe: 2

Amount per Serving

Calories: 120

  • Total Fat: 0.8 g
  •     Saturated Fat: 0.2 g
  •     Trans Fat: 0 g
  • Cholesterol: 8.5 mg
  • Sodium: 61.8 mg
  • Total Carbs: 10.7 g
  •     Dietary Fiber: 1.2 g
  •     Sugars: 8.4 g
  • Protein: 17.7 g

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1.  Wash the strawberries remove their green stems. Blend strawberries & yogurt together. Taste & add sugar if required.

Cooks' note:
You can bits of strawberry in the lassi later on if you like a it some chewing on some fleshy bits in between.

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Looks very refreshing!