Fish Broth


by: B&B Wife

The secret to fish broth is using fresh bones and heads and cooking them right away. The heads and bones are soaked to remove traces of blood, which turn the broth gray. Don’t cook fish broth more than 20 minutes or it will taste fishy instead of having a gentle sealike quality.


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serves: 1

5 pounds fish bones and heads (gills removed, heads and bones soaked in cold water, refrigerated for 2 hours)

1 onion (peeled and sliced)

Bouquet garni

Cold water to cover

1/2 cup dry white wine

Nutrition Facts
Fish Broth

Servings Per Recipe: 1

Amount per Serving

Calories: 333

  • Total Fat: 9.3 g
  •     Saturated Fat: 2.4 g
  •     Trans Fat: 0 g
  • Cholesterol: 11.4 mg
  • Sodium: 1780.9 mg
  • Total Carbs: 13.3 g
  •     Dietary Fiber: 1.9 g
  •     Sugars: 5.8 g
  • Protein: 26.9 g

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1.  Break up the bones and put them with the heads, onion, and bouquet garni in a small pot. Pour over enough cold water to cover. Bring to a gentle simmer, add the white wine, and skim off any froth that floats to the surface. Simmer for 20 minutes and strain. Keeps for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

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