Baked crabs in shell with berkswell cheese


by: Jersey Cook

This baked crab recipe is best for blue crab or mud crab. Enjoy!


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serves: 4

4 small "dressed" crabs

2 tablespoons (25 g) butter

1/2 Juice of lemon

1 teaspoon prepared English mustard

4 gratings of fresh nutmeg

1 large pinch of cayenne pepper

Lemon wedges for serving


1/3 cup (15 g) fresh white breadcrumbs

1 tablespoon melted butter

1/4 cup (25 g) finely grated Berkswell or Parmesan cheese

Nutrition Facts
Baked crabs in shell with berkswell cheese

Servings Per Recipe: 4

Amount per Serving

Calories: 198

  • Total Fat: 14.8 g
  •     Saturated Fat: 9 g
  •     Trans Fat: 0.5 g
  • Cholesterol: 94.4 mg
  • Sodium: 380.2 mg
  • Total Carbs: 1.8 g
  •     Dietary Fiber: 0.3 g
  •     Sugars: 0.5 g
  • Protein: 14.5 g

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1.  Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C). Remove all the crabmeat from the shells and put it in a large bowl. Melt the butter, then mix in the lemon juice, mustard, nutmeg, and cayenne. Gently fold this mixture through the crabmeat, taking care not to break up the large chunks.

2.  Spoon the crab mixture back into the crab shells and lightly level the tops.

3.  For the topping, mix the breadcrumbs with the melted butter, then stir in the grated cheese. Sprinkle the mixture evenly over the crab.

4.  Place the crabs on a baking sheet and bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until they are golden brown and the filling is heated through. Serve hot, with the lemon wedges.

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