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Pumpkin Spice Recipes You’ll Actually Crave

Pumpkin-Pie-Spice Posted: December 12, 2017 Author: admin

Every year, it seems like the pumpkin spice trend couldn’t possible go any further. And every year, it somehow does. We’ve seen pumpkin spice shower gel, popcorn, and even pumpkin spice dog treats. Return the sanity to your autumn season by trying these pumpkin spice recipes that actually taste good.

Pumpkin spice.

We’ve heard the criticism leveled against Starbucks for their seasonal latte that it doesn’t contain any actual pumpkin, but we have to defend them in this case. Pumpkin spice doesn’t mean pumpkin, it means the combo of spices traditionally used in a pumpkin pie. And it’s a pretty handy spice mix to keep around the kitchen. Use it for your baked confections, morning coffee, or to sprinkle with some brown sugar on buttered toast. Get the recipe.


Pumpkin spiced white Russian.

What better way to stomach a trend that’s been done to death than with booze? Whip up this seasonal cocktail from Genius Kitchen to entertain guests. (It pairs perfectly with cookies or cake.) Or, mix one for yourself on a night in and pop in The Big Lewbowski. Cheers! Get the recipe.


Pumpkin spice protein pancakes.

The trick to enjoying your pumpkin spice instead of descending into a seasonal trend-induced rage spiral? Enjoy your pumpkin spice for breakfast, before you’ve logged onto Instagram and seen infinite #PSeLfies. (Is that a real hashtag? I hope not.) These protein-packed pancakes from Drool-Worthy Daily are warming, delicious, and don’t fall apart the second you scoop ‘em up onto your spatula. Get the recipe.


Pumpkin pie spiced pumpkin seeds.

Even the most die-hard pumpkin spice hater has to admit that this recipe from Simply Quinoa makes sense. Pumpkin spice? Pumpkin seeds? Logical and delicious. Plus, they make a great high-protein snack that travels well. Take them with you on a hike to enjoy the fall foliage. Get the recipe.