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Detailed Nutrition Facts: Butternut Squash, Chorizo & ..

Amounts per 1 serving (281.2 g)

Calorie Information
Amounts Per Selected Serving%CR*%DV**
Calories365 (1527 kJ) 18%
   From Carbohydrate54 (227 kJ)15% 
   From Fat202 (847 kJ)55% 
   From Protein54 (227 kJ)15% 
   From Alcohol54 (227 kJ)15% 

Amounts Per Selected Serving%DV**
Total Carbohydrate14.4 g5%
   Dietary Fiber1.4 g5%
   Starch0 g 
   Sugars5.5 g 
      Sucrose371.3 mg 
      Glucose738.8 mg 
      Fructose483.8 mg 
      Lactose0 mg 
      Maltose0 mg 
      Galactose0 mg 

Fats & Fatty Acids
Amounts Per Selected Serving%DV**
Total Fat22.6 g35%
   Saturated Fat7.7 g39%
      4:000 mg 
      6:000 mg 
      8:000 mg 
      10:000.2 mg 
      12:001.3 mg 
      13:000 mg 
      14:00441 mg 
      15:000 mg 
      16:004993.2 mg 
      17:000.7 mg 
      18:002117 mg 
      20:0014 mg 
      22:004.4 mg 
      24:00:000 mg 
   Monounsaturated Fat11.6 g 
      14:010 mg 
      15:010 mg 
      16:1 undifferentiated868.4 mg 
      16:1 c0 mg 
      16:1 t0 mg 
      17:014.2 mg 
      18:1 undifferentiated10518.2 mg 
      18:1 c0 mg 
      18:1 t0 mg 
      18:1-11t (18:1t n-7)0 mg 
      20:110.9 mg 
      22:1 undifferentiated0 mg 
      22:1 c0 mg 
      22:1 t0 mg 
      24:1 c0 mg 
   Polyunsaturated Fat2.1 g 
      18:2 n-6 c,c0 mg 
      18:2 CLAs0 mg 
      18:2 t,t0 mg 
      18:2 i0 mg 
      18:2 t not further defined0 mg 
      18:3 n-3, c,c,c0 mg 
      18:3 n-6, c,c,c0 mg 
      18:3 i0 mg 
      18:40 mg 
      20:2 n-6 c,c0 mg 
      20:3 undifferentiated0 mg 
      20:3 n-30 mg 
      20:3 n-60 mg 
      20:4 undifferentiated44.7 mg 
      20:4 n-60 mg 
      20:5 n-30 mg 
      21:50 mg 
      22:40 mg 
      22:5 n-30 mg 
      22:6 n-30 mg 
   Total trans fatty acids0 g 
   Total trans-monoenoic fatty acids0 g 
   Total trans-polyenoic fatty acids0 g 
   Total Omega-3 fatty acids222.9 mg 
   Total Omega-6 fatty acids1842.2 mg 
   Total Omega-9 fatty acids10529.2 mg 

Amounts Per Selected Serving%DV**
Cholesterol43.7 mg15%
Phytosterols27.1 mg 
   Campesterol0 mg 
   Stigmasterol0 mg 
   BetaSitosterol0 mg 
Protein & Amino Acids
Amounts Per Selected Serving%DV**
Protein13.7 g27%
   Tryptophan158.2 mg 
   Threonine775.1 mg 
   Isoleucine1139.3 mg 
   Leucine915.7 mg 
   Lysine1278.9 mg 
   Methionine248 mg 
   Cystine143.1 mg 
   Phenylalanine619.9 mg 
   Tyrosine426.1 mg 
   Valine506.8 mg 
   Arginine951 mg 
   Histidine383.4 mg 
   Alanine817.1 mg 
   Aspartic acid1244.6 mg 
   Glutamic acid2089.9 mg 
   Glycine902.7 mg 
   Proline657.8 mg 
   Serine554.4 mg 
   Hydroxyproline0 mg 
   Adjusted Protein0 mg 

Amounts Per Selected Serving%DV**
Vitamin A9680 IU194%
   Retinol0 mcg 
   Alpha Carotene4554.5 mcg 
   Beta Carotene3516.1 mcg 
   Beta Cryptoxanthin0 mcg 
   Lycopene0 mcg 
   Lutein+Zeaxanthin1702.9 mcg 
   Vitamin A, RAE484.4 mcg 
Vitamin C13.6 mg23%
Vitamin D30.3 IU8%
   Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol)0 mcg 
   Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)0 mcg 
   Vitamin D (D2 + D3)0.7 mcg 
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)1.8 mg9%
   Beta Tocopherol0 mg 
   Gamma Tocopherol0 mg 
   Delta Tocopherol0 mg 
   Vitamin E, added0 mg 
Vitamin K4.5 mcg6%
   Menaquinone-40 mcg 
   Dihydrophylloquinone0 mcg 
Thiamin0.4 mg26%
Riboflavin0.3 mg18%
Niacin3.4 mg17%
Vitamin B60.4 mg22%
Folate28 mcg7%
   Food Folate28 mcg 
   Folic Acid0 mcg 
   Dietary Folate Equivalents28 mcg 
Vitamin B121 mcg17%
   Vitamin B-12, added0 mcg 
Pantothenic Acid1 mg10%
Choline63.1 mg 
Betaine2.1 mg 

Amounts Per Selected Serving%DV**
Calcium48.6 mg5%
Iron2.1 mg12%
Magnesium34.9 mg9%
Phosphorus151.5 mg15%
Potassium702.8 mg15%
Sodium619.7 mg27%
Zinc2.2 mg15%
Copper0.2 mg10%
Manganese0.3 mg17%
Selenium11.3 mg16%
Fluoride151.9 mg 

Amounts Per Selected Serving%DV**
Alcohol7.7 g 
Water219.7 g 
Ash3.2 g 
Caffeine0 mg 
Theobromine0 mg 

*CR = Caloric Ratio (the percentage of the food's calories that are derived from carbohydrates, fats, protein and alcohol);
**DV = Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet and are for adults or children aged 4 or older.

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