Detailed Nutrition Facts: Avocado Crab Tacos

8 whole (192g)
wheat or corn tortillas
10 oz (283.5g)
cooked crab meat
1 (201g)
1 (123g)
1/2 (55g)
handful or spinach or lettuce
1 (45g)
green chili
1/2 (33.5g)
2 tbsp (2g)
Pico De Gallo Salsa to taste
Lite Sour Cream to taste
Total1 serving
Ash (g)
Calcium (mg) 155.525824.112.312.714.
Calories (kcal) 418.6235.3321.622.1223.51810.10.5n/an/a1051.6262.9
Carbohydrates (g) 85.7017.
Carotene, alpha (mcg) 0048.2124.20010.400.7n/an/a183.545.9
Carotene, beta (mcg) 1.90124.6552.30.6843.930210.179.2n/an/a1914.5478.6
Cholesterol (mg) 02750000000n/an/a27568.8
Choline (mg) 25.5229.428.
Copper (mg)
Cryptoxanthin, beta (mcg) 1.9056.300022.504.1n/an/a84.821.2
Dietary Fiber (g) 12.1013.
Folate (mcg) 9.6144.6162.818.510.529.
Folic acid (mcg) 000000000n/an/a00
Iron (mg)
Lycopene (mcg) 0003164.800000n/an/a3164.8791.2
Lutein + Zeaxanthin (mcg) 5.80544.7151.32.21829.7326.3017.4n/an/a2877.3719.3
Magnesium (mg) 138.2102.158.313.55.511.911.320.5n/an/a343.385.8
Manganese (mg)
Monounsaturated Fat (g) 1.30.419.7000000n/an/a21.55.4
Niacin (mg)
Pantothenic acid (mg)
Phosphorus (mg) 602.9663.4104.529.5167.420.761n/an/a1451.4362.8
Polyunsaturated Fat (g)
Potassium (mg) 357.1734.3974.9291.580.383.715334.210.5n/an/a2719.5679.9
Protein (g) 10.950.741.
Retinol (mcg) 02.80000000n/an/a2.80.7
Riboflavin (mg)
Saturated Fat (g)
Selenium (mcg) 11.7121.60.800.
Sodium (mg) 86.41119.914.
Sugar (g) 1.701.
Thiamin (mg)
Total Fat (g)
Vitamin A (IU) 3.85.7293.51024.61.11406.6530.616.8136n/an/a3418.6854.6
Vitamin B-6 (mg)
Vitamin B-12 (mcg) 09.40000000n/an/a9.42.4
Vitamin C (mg) 09.420.
Vitamin D (mcg) 000000000n/an/a00
Vitamin E (mg)
Vitamin K (mcg) 00.942.
Water (g) 88.1225.9147.2116.34913.739.529.61.9n/an/a711.1177.8
Zinc (mg) 2.510.

Note: Totals do not include optional ingredients.