Detailed Nutrition Facts: Vindaloo curry paste

1 1/2 oz (42.5g)
(40 g) dried red Kashmir chile peppers
1 small (70g)
1 teaspoon (2.3g)
black peppercorns
1 1/2 teaspoons (3.3g)
whole cloves
piece (0g)
3-inch (7.5-cm) of cinnamon stick
1 teaspoon (2g)
cumin seeds
piece (0g)
1-inch (2.5-cm) of fresh ginger
1/4 cup (34g)
chopped garlic
piece (0g)
Walnut-sized of tamarind pulp (without seeds)
1 teaspoon (4.6g)
light brown sugar
2 tablespoons (29.4g)
white wine vinegar
Total1 serving
Ash (g)
Calcium (mg)
Calories (kcal) 137.8285.810.6n/a7.5n/a50.7n/a17.624.128270.5
Carbohydrates (g)
Carotene, alpha (mcg) 422.700.30n/a0n/a0n/a00423105.8
Carotene, beta (mcg) 6312.
Cholesterol (mg) 0000n/a0n/a0n/a0000
Choline (mg)
Copper (mg) 0.1000n/a0n/a0.1n/a000.30.1
Cryptoxanthin, beta (mcg) 469.100.615.4n/a0n/a0n/a00485.1121.3
Dietary Fiber (g)
Folate (mcg) 21.713.30.43.1n/a0.2n/a1n/a00.34010
Folic acid (mcg) 0000n/a0n/a0n/a0000
Iron (mg)
Lycopene (mcg) 000.50n/a0n/a0n/a000.50.1
Lutein + Zeaxanthin (mcg) 2336.52.810.40n/a9n/a5.4n/a002364.1591
Magnesium (mg) 37.473.98.7n/a7.3n/a8.5n/a0.42.976.219.1
Manganese (mg)
Monounsaturated Fat (g) 0.2000n/a0.3n/a0n/a000.60.1
Niacin (mg) 3.70.100n/a0.1n/a0.2n/a004.21.1
Pantothenic acid (mg) 0.40.100n/a0n/a0.2n/a000.70.2
Phosphorus (mg) 67.620.33.63.5n/a10n/a52n/a0.25.3162.540.6
Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 1.3000.2n/a0.1n/a0.1n/a001.70.4
Potassium (mg) 795.3102.230.536.3n/a35.7n/a136.3n/a6.120.91163.4290.9
Protein (g)
Retinol (mcg) 0000n/a0n/a0n/a0000
Riboflavin (mg) 0.5000n/a0n/a0n/a000.60.1
Saturated Fat (g) 0.3000.2n/a0n/a0n/a000.60.2
Selenium (mcg)
Sodium (mg)
Sugar (g) 17.5300.1n/a0n/a0.3n/a4.50.325.76.4
Thiamin (mg) 0000n/a0n/a0.1n/a000.20
Total Fat (g)
Vitamin A (IU) 11264.81.412.617.5n/a25.4n/a3.1n/a0011324.72831.2
Vitamin B-6 (mg) 0.30.100n/a0n/a0.4n/a000.90.2
Vitamin B-12 (mcg) 0000n/a0n/a0n/a0000
Vitamin C (mg)
Vitamin D (mcg) 0000n/a0n/a0n/a0000
Vitamin E (mg) 1.3000.3n/a0.1n/a0n/a001.70.4
Vitamin K (mcg) 460.33.84.7n/a0.1n/a0.6n/a00.155.513.9
Water (g) 362.40.30.2n/a0.2n/a19.9n/a0.125.5111.627.9
Zinc (mg) 0.40.100n/a0.1n/a0.4n/a001.10.3

Note: Totals do not include optional ingredients.