Detailed Nutrition Facts: Shrimp po’boys

2 (128g)
French baguettes
Canola oil (for deep-frying)
12 oz (340.2g)
(350 g) peeled raw large shrimp
3/4 cup (180g)
(175 ml) Mayonnaise (made with sunflower oil, plus extra Mayonnaise for serving)
2 1/2 tablespoons (38.4g)
3 tablespoons (23.6g)
all-purpose flour
4 cups (700g)
(175 g) fresh white breadcrumbs
1 small (324g)
head of crisp green lettuce
Salt and cayenne pepper
Total1 serving
Ash (g) 2.8n/a6.
Calcium (mg) 56.3n/a183.795.438.83.554658.3n/a982.1245.5
Calories (kcal) 369.9n/a241.6579.623.486189745.4n/a3242.9810.7
Carbohydrates (g) 72.2n/a3.15.51.7183509.6n/a460.2115.1
Carotene, alpha (mcg) 0n/a0000013n/a133.2
Carotene, beta (mcg) 0n/a041.42.700968.8n/a1012.9253.2
Cholesterol (mg) 0n/a428.705.4000n/a434.1108.5
Choline (mg) 18.9n/a275.
Copper (mg) 0.2n/a0.60.2001.30.1n/a2.40.6
Cryptoxanthin, beta (mcg) 0n/a010.80000n/a10.82.7
Dietary Fiber (g) 3.1n/a0200.618.93.9n/a28.57.1
Folate (mcg) 189.4n/a64.614.41.96.1133794n/a1707.5426.9
Folic acid (mcg) 149.8n/a000011270n/a1276.8319.2
Iron (mg) 4.6n/a0.70.500.320.61.3n/a28.17
Lycopene (mcg) 0n/a000000n/a00
Lutein + Zeaxanthin (mcg) 15.4n/a037.804.3336897.5n/a1290.9322.7
Magnesium (mg) 35.8n/a74.893.61.95.218922.7n/a423.1105.8
Manganese (mg) 0.7n/a0.10.700.23.20.4n/a5.31.3
Monounsaturated Fat (g) 0.4n/a0.39.40.405.70n/a16.34.1
Niacin (mg) 6.1n/a60.200.330.70.4n/a43.710.9
Pantothenic acid (mg) 0.4n/a1.
Phosphorus (mg) 145.9n/a830.188.23325.572164.8n/a1908.6477.2
Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 1n/a0.429.900.19.70.2n/a41.410.4
Potassium (mg) 163.8n/a384.5118.897.225.3770456.8n/a2016.4504.1
Protein (g) 15n/a46.310.71.22.461.62.9n/a140.235.1
Retinol (mcg) 0n/a183.7010.8000n/a194.548.6
Riboflavin (mg) 0.4n/a0.10.10020.1n/a2.70.7
Saturated Fat (g) 0.6n/a0.45.30.8060.1n/a13.23.3
Selenium (mcg) 34.7n/a100.72.90.88190.40.3n/a337.884.4
Sodium (mg) 656.6n/a1925.71391.41.20.5408832.4n/a8095.72023.9
Sugar (g) 3.3n/a01.
Thiamin (mg) 0.6n/a0.10.1003.30.1n/a4.21
Total Fat (g) 2.3n/a3.457.
Vitamin A (IU) 0n/a612.477.440.4001626.5n/a2356.6589.2
Vitamin B-6 (mg) 0.1n/a0.50000.30.1n/a1.20.3
Vitamin B-12 (mcg) 0n/a3.800.1000n/a3.91
Vitamin C (mg) 0.3n/a000.3009.1n/a9.72.4
Vitamin D (mcg) 0n/a0.300.5000n/a0.80.2
Vitamin E (mg) 0.2n/a4.54.30020.6n/a11.72.9
Vitamin K (mcg) 0.8n/a196.
Water (g) 35.6n/a282.4101.433.92.8249.9309.9n/a1015.9254
Zinc (mg) 1.2n/a3.

Note: Totals do not include optional ingredients.