Detailed Nutrition Facts: Gurnard fillets with a potato, garlic, and saffron broth

1/4 cup (54g)
extra virgin olive oil
4-6 sprigs (12g)
of oregano (plus 1 1/2 teaspoons chopped oregano)
1 small (30g)
head of garlic (broken into cloves)
1/4 cup (58.8g)
dry white wine
1 (90g)
leek (cleaned and sliced)
1 1/4 lb (567.5g)
(550 g) potatoes (peeled and thickly sliced)
2 1/2 cups (582.5g)
(600 ml) Fish Stock or Chicken Stock
1 pinch (0.1g)
of saffron strands
4 (454g)
(1-lb/450-g) gurnard (or sea robins, cleaned and filleted)
2 tablespoons (34.7g)
1 teaspoon (2.9g)
capers in brine (drained and rinsed)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Total1 serving
Ash (g)
Calcium (mg) 0.5191.654.35.353.
Calories (kcal) 477.431.844.748.254.9391.6990.3472.2270.7n/a1647.7411.9
Carbohydrates (g)
Carotene, alpha (mcg) 02.400000000.30n/a2.70.7
Carotene, beta (mcg) 0120.81.5090028.400014.92.4n/a1068267
Cholesterol (mg) 0000005.80376.800n/a382.695.7
Choline (mg) 0.23.972.58.662.440.8000.90.2n/a126.431.6
Copper (mg)
Cryptoxanthin, beta (mcg) 00.8000000010n/a1.90.5
Dietary Fiber (g) 05.10.601.613.600000.1n/a21.15.3
Folate (mcg)
Folic acid (mcg) 00000000000n/a00
Iron (mg)
Lycopene (mcg) 00000000000n/a00
Lutein + Zeaxanthin (mcg) 0227.44.80171073.800016.60n/a2032.6508.2
Magnesium (mg)
Manganese (mg)
Monounsaturated Fat (g) 39.40.100001.40400n/a44.911.2
Niacin (mg)
Pantothenic acid (mg)
Phosphorus (mg) 017.845.910.631.5351.9326.20.2113520.80.3n/a1940.1485
Polyunsaturated Fat (g)
Potassium (mg) 0.5151.2120.341.71622309.7838.81.51548.1277.21.1n/a5452.31363.1
Protein (g) 01.11.901.49.513.207600.1n/a103.225.8
Retinol (mcg) 00000011.70136.20.30n/a148.237
Riboflavin (mg) 00.10000.20.400.800n/a1.60.4
Saturated Fat (g) 7.50.20000.11.204.600n/a13.63.4
Selenium (mcg)
Sodium (mg)
Sugar (g)
Thiamin (mg)
Total Fat (g) 540.
Vitamin A (IU) 0204.12.701500.345.4350.545427.44n/a2273.3568.3
Vitamin B-6 (mg) 00.10.400.
Vitamin B-12 (mcg) 0000004013.600n/a17.64.4
Vitamin C (mg) 00.39.4010.8111.
Vitamin D (mcg) 00000000000n/a00
Vitamin E (mg) 7.72.2000.80.110000n/a11.93
Vitamin K (mcg) 32.574.
Water (g) 01.217.651.174.7463564.80354.527.22.4n/a1556.5389.1
Zinc (mg)

Note: Totals do not include optional ingredients.