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Best Game Day Snack Ideas

game day recipes Posted: September 18, 2017 Author: admin

As summer winds to end and September nears, football season is finally upon us.  For many of us that means Sunday afternoon game day parties with friends.  If you’re hosting a game, you know that the cornerstone of any successful game day soiree is delicious finger foods.  Here’s a quick playbook on how to score a touchdown with your guests!


It’s no secret that we are full blown Avocado obsessed as a nation.  When your hosting any party with guests, you just can’t go wrong with guac.  The beautiful thing about guacamole, or avocados in general, is they are extremely versatile and pair well with just about any meat.  You  can always dish out your standard guacamole with chips, or you can get creative and serve up some guacamole and pulled pork chips or something of the like.

Bring the Meat

C’mon, it’s football.  A bunch of grown men throwing their bodies around like modern day gladiators.  It’s only right that you give your guests some protein packed meat to fuel the party.  Nothing like washing down some delicious wings with an ice cold, sudsy….beverage, or maybe some BBQ Spare Ribs to gnaw on. 

The secret to the serving the best meat is finding the best meat.  I find that most grocery stores sell shabby cuts loaded with GMOs and Hormones, and I won’t even think about buying frozen meat.  I prefer to source organic, grass fed meat from local farms, and the difference is astounding.  Not only are you getting more healthy ingredients, but the taste difference is noticeable right away.


Keep in mind that the focus of the party is the game, so nobody wants to load up a full plate of food and manage a fork and a knife while they’re sitting on your couch.  You have to go with finger food, and there are thousands of chip and dip combinations that you can pick to go well with your main snack.

I find that a good spinach artichoke dip is always a crowd pleaser, especially for the not so meat inclined among us.  You can always go the easy route and by a jar of salsa, but after seeing all the sodium on the nutrition facts label, you may want to go with something homemade to cut back on sodium.   


Anyway you look at it, if your going to host a game, you gotta bring the goods when it comes to finger food.  It’s the perfect compliment to game day, and if you want to become a game day go-to for parties, you’d better get on your finger food game!