Formatting Guidelines for Submitting Recipes

We understand just about every measurement and ingredient, but there are some things that will cause your recipes to be rejected:

  1. Measurements and amounts must preceed the ingredient.

    "1 cup sugar" NOT "sugar, 1 cup"

  2. Differently-sized packages are sold around the world, so all packages, cans, boxes, containers, etc. MUST include the weight or volume size of the package.

    "1 can (15 oz.) tomatoes" NOT "1 small can tomatoes" or "1 can tomatoes"

  3. For the same reason, "cans" may not be used as measuring tools.

    NOT "1 can water"

  4. Any included "mix" must include all items necessary to make it

    NOT "1 cake mix, prepared according to package"

  5. Only whole, decimal or fractional weight or volume measurements can be accepted
    (see accepted measurements)

    NOT "1 handful basil" or "1 heaping cup flour" or "2 servings pasta" or "1 part oil, 1 part vinegar"

  6. Other recipes cannot be included as ingredients, unless they can be purchased at the store.

    "1 prepared pie crust (I recommend)" NOT "1 recipe of My Eggs Benedict"

  7. Always add additional amount, measure or any other information in parenthesis.

    "1 (16 ounce) jar salsa (or 2 cups homemade)" NOT "One 16-ounce jar salsa or 2 cups homemade"

  8. Use hyphen character to display approximative measures.

    "12-14 medium-size ripe apricots" NOT "12 to 14 medium-size ripe apricots"