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Priya Shiva
Priya Shiva
Oct 1st, 2013
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My Blog I am a homemaker with passion for cooking. I was born to Tamil speaking parents in Delhi and brought up in Bangalore and married off in Chennai. So, my hybrid accent is “Hindtanglish” at home. Having lived in both south and north of India for equal parts of my life, and having tasted the best of both cuisines, I started to amuse my dear and near ones with “food” for thought and my hybrid language skills. What started as an “impress-the-family-with-food” journey has now culminated in documenting the recipes through this blog. I am neither a chef nor a master of the art of cookery, but having won all the hearts (or shall I say stomachs) at home I felt someone out there might be able to relate to my journey in cooking. This blog is not going to be preachy about food, nor is it the “go-to-only” place for recipes. I enjoy cooking and feel, if you get the ingredients right, anyone can ..
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