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Sep 19th, 2014
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I am Kristoper Galvez, 32 years old, and I am a proud Filipino. My Blog: Lifestyle Nurse Network My interest leads to me to traveling and exploring places. I am currently working out my ardent desire of becoming a Medical Doctor and a Chef Cook someday. Isn’t that a nice combination—a doctor at the operating room at one point and a chef conquering the kitchen on one side? I am a licensed and registered nurse in the Philippines and my 4 years of seasoned hospital experience in the Intensive Care Unit laid a good appreciation and foundation for my medical practice. But change is inevitable and I decided to take a career shift to be a full-time call center agent. I ventured into Internet business last 2008. My interest of creating blog has been put on the side for a while due to the busy hospital works and demands. Now that I have a reasonable time, I can now share my humble ideas and passion in cooking, ..
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