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Badges Given Away for Exceptional Recipes, Chefs, and Blogs

e recipe gives badges to our users for recipe of the day, chef of the week, and blog of the month. You can display the badge on your blog and you'll be featured on our front page!

badges given out for best recipes, blogs, and chefs!

erecipe gives recognition to our top chefs by offering daily and weekly badges for recipe of the day, chef of the week, and blog of the week. We'll also send you a widget code so you can proudly display the badge on your blog!

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erecipe automatically generates the most accurate nutrition facts for every recipe posted! We provide a free widget for you to add the nutrition facts label to recipes on your blog, and you customize layout, font and colors to fit your blog's design perfectly!


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Pro golfer, digital marketer and developer, amateur chef. I love to cook with wine. Sometimes, I'll even put a little in the food. I'm a self proclaimed BBQ dominator, wing and burger connoisseur, and an avocado aficionado. What else can I say? Feed me, I'll work for food.


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Healthy Pumpkin Bread!

Raise your hands if you’re excited about fall! I’m looking forward to pumpkin treats, cooler weather and dusting off my favorite boots. The leaves on the trees outside look tired, so I think we’re in for a show soon.

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